Free Marathi Activity Sheets for Foreign Spouses & NRI Kids

Speak Marathi Worksheets Practice for NRI children and foreign spouses

Marathi is a vibrant and melodious language spoken by millions of people primarily in the Indian state of Maharashtra and its neighbouring regions. If you’re a foreigner married to a Maharashtrian, or an NRI with or without children, this post is for you!

Learning Marathi through Speak Marathi is an amazing way to connect with your Maharashtrian family members and friends. The language has a wealth of vocabulary that reflects its historical, cultural, and social context and opens doors to a rich culture and strengthens family bonds.

In today’s Digital age, it is easy to find an endless supply of learning material online, but keeping the momentum and enthusiasm going can be tricky. Engaging activities and regular interaction with a native Marathi speaker is essential to strengthen your grasp on the language.

Here’s where Speak Marathi steps in! We’ve understood the challenges faced by those new to the language and have developed a treasure trove of FREE downloadable worksheets specifically designed for Marathi language learners.

From Basics to Beyond: A Buffet of Learning Activities

  • Master the Fundamentals: Our worksheets get you started with the building blocks of the language. Learn to write the Marathi alphabet and numbers with ease.
  • Romanized Advantage: Don’t know how to read Devanagari script yet? No problem! Many of our worksheets are presented in a romanized format, making them accessible from the very beginning.
  • Verbs & Adjectives Made Easy: Take the confusion out of grammar with engaging exercises focused on verbs and adjectives.
  • Everyday Marathi: Learn how to tell time, identify fruits and vegetables, and navigate the different parts of a house – all in Marathi!
  • Spark Creativity: We have fun coloring and finger painting sheets to keep your young learners enthusiastic.
  • Memory Boost: Solidify vocabulary with interactive opposite sheets and memory card games.

Why Choose Speak Marathi Worksheets?

  • Designed for Foreign Learners: Our worksheets cater specifically to the needs of those new to Marathi, with clear explanations and engaging activities.
  • Free & Accessible: Simply register on our website and unlock a world of learning resources, completely free of charge.
  • Variety & Progression: We offer a diverse range of worksheets, catering to different learning styles and progressing from basic to more advanced topics.

Start Your Marathi Journey Today!

Embark on your path to mastering Marathi with Speak Marathi’s free downloadable worksheets. Register now for a free Demo session and open the door to a vibrant culture and deeper connections with your loved ones.

Let us help you explore the beauty of the Marathi language!