Speak Marathi

Our goal is to make you fall in love with the language. Ultimately, we want you to be able speak with confidence and connect with your loved ones through Marathi conversations.

Whether you are starting completely from scratch, or already have some experience speaking Marathi, our classes are tailored to suit your needs.

One-to-one sessions

Individual, personalised classes for undivided attention, ideal for adults or children

groups of 2

Custom-made classes, ideal for siblings or cousins with a similar background

groups of 3-6

Enjoyable group classes for friends or cousins in the same time zone

How We

Virtual classes

All our sessions are virtual, so you can learn from anywhere around the world.

Simplified lessons

We don’t believe in textbook learning to develop a spoken skill. Our lessons are structured to teach you conversational Marathi, without the complicated script and rigidity of written grammar rules. Our sessions include quizzes and worksheets to help you remember what you have learnt.

Flexible timings

Most of our learners are from outside of India. We customise our sessions according to your schedule, and your classes will be held according to your geographical location between 7 am to 9 pm Indian Standard Time (GMT +5:30)

Qualified trainers

Our team consists of teachers who have spoken Marathi all their lives. They understand the language well enough to break free from traditional teaching methods and simplify your learning experience.

Effective Learning

Our interactive classes are filled with fun activities and conversation practice. Our students demonstrate greater retention and enjoy learning.


For an absolute beginner, the curriculum begins with pronunciations and construction of short sentences using English nouns that are commonly used in day-to-day Marathi. Students will learn to describe possession of objects, use common verbs and small filler words. These will enhance their vocabulary for more conversational sentence construction.

We use a combination of teaching tools for a visual learning experience.

Pricing per

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