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Speak Marathi

Speak Marathi is an online learning platform to fine-tune your conversational Marathi skills.

We work with learners of all ages and skill levels to customise sessions and build on what you already know. Whether you are completely new to Marathi, or just need practice speaking, we give you the confidence to converse and connect with your families through this wonderful language.

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  • positive review  My 10 year-old daughter is enrolled in Speak Marathi. She is born and brought up in Australia and Marathi seemed like a challenging language to her. She could understand all that we spoke to her, but found it difficult to respond. And now, after a few classes with Speak Marathi, she has started using small Marathi sentences in our daily conversations! To me as a parent, it is a wonderful feeling. What I liked about this course: 1. They have exactly identified the problem. 2. The approach is different - the course doesn’t start with the alphabet. 3. Sentences are broken down in to logically separate structures - this has helped my daughter remember phrases easily. 4. They made her speak from day-one, which has boosted her confidence immensely. 5. There are no exams - so it is a dedicated 40 minutes of just speaking the language to someone outside the family. 6. The teachers are experienced and are very friendly - She has a great bond with her teacher, and is always looking forward to her next class. My best wishes to Team Speak Marathi - great job! 😊👍

    Ketki Bhagwat Avatar Ketki Bhagwat
    August 11, 2020
  • positive review  Holding a young child's attention who gets easily distracted is a task in itself. Our teacher Ms Akshata is great at not only keeping it engaging but also fun and interesting. She is very patient and displays a passion in what she does. I see a noticeable difference in my child’s inclination towards speaking the language now. The experience has been seamless right from the sign up, scheduling, to the classes. Recommend!

    Snehal Sirmukaddam Avatar Snehal Sirmukaddam
    September 17, 2020
  • positive review  Speak Marathi is fantastic! I live in Seattle and I'm learning Marathi online with awesome teachers based in Maharashtra. I wanted to learn Marathi so that I can speak to my family-in-law in Pune. I already have the skills and the confidence to skype/zoom with family about lots of topics! SpeakMarathi is an excellent and fun way to learn spoken Marathi fast!

    Abigail Yadav Avatar Abigail Yadav
    August 10, 2020
  • positive review  A wonderful initiative to learn Marathi. Highly recommended to all non Marathi speakers.

    Kaustubh Bankapure Avatar Kaustubh Bankapure
    September 29, 2020
  • positive review  Speak Marathi has been a wonderful experience for my kids 8 & 6. The course is very well designed, and the teachers are wonderful. I haven’t seen anyone explain things as patiently and as clearly as these teachers. They are making learning a new language super interesting. The activities and the games they have incorporated in the course make it so much fun for my kids. Also we read all the posts that’s speak Marathi puts up as kids enjoy the tiny snippets of information that they get from there. They are flexible with timings and sessions making it easy to attend the class from anywhere in the world. Just after about 3 sessions I have seen my kids being eager to learn more about Marathi. to put it in the words of my kids “mala khupch majja yete” (that’s after 5 session but it’s in Marathi 😊). Thanks Speak Marathi team.

    Girija Kulkarni Avatar Girija Kulkarni
    August 11, 2020
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